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      Olive oil

      We at think that a luxurious, good olive oil is a matter of course in all kitchens.

      Our range of olive oil is from some of the world's best producers, large and small and well-known brands such as Gridelli Frateli, Galantino, Ricci, Roi, Olive Line, Torres, Nobleza Del Sur

      The pure pressed oil from olives is a traditional product that has been a given ingredient on the table of people in the Mediterranean for centuries and today it is part of the world heritage along with the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil has a fantastic aroma and good taste, versatile cooking properties and positive health effects.

      Olive oil is a useful flavor carrier that challenges you in the kitchen every day. There are a large number of oils of varying character from different countries and different parts of the world. Discover the world of olive oil, its properties, health benefits and uses. And you will learn to love olive oil and appreciate the differences that climate, variety, place of growing and season make with the taste, texture and character of the olive oil.